New mechanical properties paper

It’s like Christmas is coming early! I’ve got another paper out, co-authored with some of my former lab-mates including in Cambridge. This one’s about how the crystal structure of a potential dietary supplement affects its mechanical properties…

Calcium fumarate Mechanical Properties

We used nanoindentation – a technique in which a tiny diamond is pressed into the surface of the material in question and the force and displacement are measured really accurately – to study how the crystals of calcium fumarate behave when pressed in different directions. The hardness and compressibility directly relate to the types of bonding that dominate each direction: strong Ca-O bonds or weaker hydrogen bonds. We could also use the information to hypothesise how the structure might respond to shear – one of the main forces involved in making tablets for dietary supplements.

Have a look at the paper here, and the rest of my publications here.

P.s. Nice work Shijing and Wei – thanks for involving me!


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