Science tourism

One of the great things about working in research is the interaction you get with other people. And because research is international, so you get to travel to other places too. Whereas usually it’s me visiting other people, earlier this month I turned the tables and welcomed Prof. Andrew Goodwin from Oxford University to NIMS…


Andrew is an academic in the Inorganic Chemistry Department at Oxford, doing some exciting work on unusual phenomena of materials, including disordered structure and flexible frameworks. Since some of my recent work has touched on the latter area, I got some money (plane tickets don’t come for free!) from ICYS at NIMS to invite him over for a week, to chat about science and show him around. It was great to take some time out of the lab to talk – I should do it more often!

He already uploaded a great picture and tweeted about it here; sadly the best photo I have is of him just having put wasabi-topped chicken in his mouth (because good science doesn’t mean boring food):

Andrew Goodwin - wasabi

Thanks for coming over, Andrew!


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