A whistle-stop tour of the UK!

I’m back in the UK again, this time to present at the Royal Society of Chemistry Solid State Chemistry Group Christmas Meeting. My talk was entitled “Everything Changes: Probing MOF Formation in a Model System”, about some of my previous work on the crystallization of lithium tartrates and giving a flavour of what we did in the summer using in-situ diffraction. It was a little off the beaten path of traditional “solid state” research, but judging by the feedback I got today, it seemed to go down quite well – happy days 🙂

I’ve also taken the opportunity to visit some good friends and collaborators, including Tony Cheetham‘s group in Cambridge, Andrew Goodwin, Paul Saines and Yue Wu in Oxford, and Stephen Moggach in Edinburgh. It’s been great to catch up, discuss recent work and move collaborations forward (watch this space for forthcoming papers…!).

Here’s me and the Cheetham group at their Christmas dinner (fantastic food at the Castle, of course), and with Yue at the SSCG dinner in Glasgow (very swanky at the Hilton!):

FIHM Xmas 2014 With Yue - Glasgow 2014


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