‘No sexuality please, we’re scientists’ | Chemistry World

I’ve just been reading the latest issue of the RSC’s magazine, Chemistry World, and an article from Professor David Smith caught my attention:

‘No sexuality please, we’re scientists’ | Chemistry World.

Whilst I agree that a person’s sexuality should have no bearing on their application of the scientific method, or how their research findings are reported or received, the issue of openness and acceptance of sexuality does matter.

Why? The main thrust I get from the article is that human beings, whatever they do for a living, should be valued for who they are. Scientists are not only scientists: their interactions and relationships are fundamentally important to their wellbeing. And being able to be open about who you are is part of that. From the simple point of view of good science, happy scientists work better and the strength and resilience of any research field increases with its diversity.

Thanks,  @professor_dave, for a great article and thought-provoking read.


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