d4a_2430-croppedThanks for visiting my website! Here you should find plenty of information about me and my research, as well as the occasional opinion article or interesting link about diverse topics that have captured my imagination.

Right, out with it: I’m a scientist. I do science. That’s my job, but it’s also something deeper that I believe unites us all – a desire for knowledge (the word derives from “scire”, meaning “to know” in latin). Whether we admit this or not, most of us find stuff out by experimenting and observing, and that makes us scientists.

So here in these pages I want to show you the science that I do and love doing, as well as highlighting some of the fantastic research other people across the globe are doing. I hope it can be a small window onto the otherwise mysterious world of science that few people get a glimpse of. Maybe it will change your opinion of us labcoat-wearing folk. Maybe you’ll realize that you are a scientist too. Or maybe you’ll just see something that once in a while captures your imagination. Please share with friends, and get in touch if you want to know more.



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